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Aussie Specialist

Electrical Engineering

Door: Arjan

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My internship was great! Australia is a beautiful country, and I’ve had some time to enjoy part of it! It is on my 'countries to go back to'-list now for sure! :)

The company I completed my internship at was the first company suggested by Stage-Australia, and probably the best I could have had as a host company! The work I was involved in gave me the chance to practice the theory I learned in university. The final assessment of my internship was excellent!

Well before I boarded the plane to Australia, everything – from visa to travel insurance – was organized for me by Stage-Australia. I’ve been guided well through the process. ‘You get what you pay for’ applies here as well! One thing I remember of our e-mail contact is the crazy fast response time! Often I got useful replies to my questions within 10 minutes!
Keep up the good work!


It has already been a month since we came back from Australia! It still feels unreal and like a dream and it has been really amazing! Thanks a lot for everything you did for us. It was a great experience that we will never forget. Organizing all this would have been a pain without you guys!