Estelle in Sydney

My visa was settled immediately after my 18th birthday, what was great.

Score 5/5

Internship Estelle

October 19th 2018, I used the services provided by Stage-Australia only for the arrangement of my visa months before my 18th birthday. The communication with the employees at Stage-Australia was always informative and quick. Lees verder >

Stefan in Sydney

Very kind employees!

Score 5/5

Internship Stefan

September 28th, 2018 Quick response, nice service, good structured Lees verder >

Romy in Sydney

Stage-Australia was super fast in organizing everything! 

Score 4/5

Internship Romy

September 26th, 2018 Stage-Australia immediately gave me a few company recommendations and arranged an interview with my preferred company. I also got an interview training, but it was basically just discussing a few broad lines that I had to do or not do, which was also in the email. I expected a fast run-through. When I got accepted at the company Stage-Australia got me a Visa immediately. They do keep in touch with you after you have been accepted to a company to check in if you have booked a flight and have a place to stay in when you arrive. The only thing I would like to give as a recommendation is that I got a bit confused because of all the different people I was in contact with and my email is so full with emails that I sometimes missed the important emails. Since, my email doesn't detect the important emails that well, the first email always got lost in "Others" inbox folder instead of "Focus". Lees verder >

Cherine in Sydney

Evelyn was very informative and explained everything very well and clearly.

Score 4/5

Internship Cherine

September 6th, 2018 Evelyn listened to my preferences on what kind of companies and tasks I'd like and eventually we found one that suits me the most. Stage-Australia also helps with the visa and insurance which is also nice, they were also very helpful regarding that. I didn't have to worry about that anymore. Overall, the service was very good and everyone was very helpful and responded fast to e-mails which was also great! The only thing that came a bit unexpected is that my partner and I, we both used the services of Stage-Australia, were placed into competing companies. Both of the companies we interned in didn't like it very much, which caused them to be hesitant into sharing any information, scared that we might use it against them. Another thing is that there as a miscommunication between the company I interned in and Stage-Australia. My contract stated I was supposed to do the marketing for the company, but they had other plans for me. Not sure where it went wrong, but it can't happen for other students in the future, as the internship with the tasks needs to be approved by the school. Now we managed to find a solution. Lees verder >

Matthew in Sydney

I am really satisfied with the help from Semjon and Evelyn, they where the main people who made my internship possible. 

Score 4/5

Internship Matthew

August 14th, 2018 I really like the place where I work, everybody is friendly and helpful. I started the program with Stage-Australia in May, and 6 weeks later everything was arranged. It was mainly the company where I do my internship who had pretty strict rules according to insurance. This took a lot of time.  Lees verder >

Rik in Melbourne

Generally Good

Score 4/5

Internship Rik

August 13th, 2018 I got good guiding and everything went quick and was well arranged. Lees verder >

Jolien R in Melbourne

I definitely think my internship went really well.

Score 5/5

Internship Jolien R

June 13th, 2018 I definitely think my internship went really well. I was able to work for a fun company and learned a lot.  I had colleagues that all had different backgrounds and nationalities, which made it a lot of fun and especially a very educative internship. I do not have any improvements for Stage-Australia, for me personally the amount of contact was perfect. Lees verder >

Sam in Sydney

I'm very happy with the services that Stage-Australia provided! 

Score 4/5

Internship Sam

March 1st, 2018 My contact person Evelyn was always available and responded almost always on the same day. I really felt that I could ask for anything and the support was so good. After I got accepted for the internship, Semjon helped me with all the other stuff, like visa and all that. Lees verder >

Jolien in Melbourne

Stage-Australia helps a lot with getting everything ready - this has been a great experience.

Score 5/5

Internship Jolien

February 27th, 2018 Stage-Australia has been really good. All the information I got was very clear and easy to understand. Stage-Australia helps a lot with getting everything ready, from your interview to your insurances. Altogether has this been a great experience for me. Lees verder >

Kevin in Sydney

Stage-Australia's service was crystal clear.

Score 4/5

Internship Kevin

February 15th, 2018 The service was good and crystal clear, with no problems at all. Although, I would've like to receive more information or tips and tricks about the country. I also think they could have suggested more hostels. Lees verder >

Corstiaan in Sydney


Score 5/5

Internship Corstiaan

September 4, 2017 The service was perfect. I have no complaints. Everything went very smoothly and I am very happy that I used Stage-Australia's services. Lees verder >

Baptiste G in Sydney

I couldn't be more pleased!

Score 5/5

Internship Baptiste

August 3, 2017 I think my internship went really well. My company was pleased with my work and I'm glad I did my internship in such young, dynamic and open minded organisation. I have to say that it is nothing but the best place to work in Sydney! You receive everything you need to know before leaving and you're well-prepared thanks to the stage Australia's work. I couldn't be more pleased!  Lees verder >

Valerie in Brisbane

I learned new things and really improved my English

Score 4/5

Internship Valerie

July 25, 2017 In general, the internship went fine. In the first months, I learned new things and really improved my English. My colleagues were very nice and helpful. However, there were also quite some weeks. During that time, there were no tasks for me, which made me feel a little bored. After all, I can say that I'm grateful for the things I did learn and that I can show more international work experience on my CV. I'm not sure if I would use most things I learned in the future since it is a very specific branch with specific tasks (auctions), but I'm happy that I can say I worked for a company that helps charities with fundraising. Stage-Australia showed a lot of interest in the program and my experiences. I didn't use a lot of their support during the internship. But I know they would help me if I asked. The reason why I didn't really contact you during the quiet times is that at that time it would be hard to change it. But for next interns, it could be good to discuss, beforehand, an extra project with the Sydney and Brisbane office.  Lees verder >

Lisa in Sydney

Stage-Australia really give you the feeling that you can ask the ANYTHING!

Score 5/5

Internship Lisa

March 10, 2017 Very good! Getting in touch was so easy; everyone is very nice to you and they really give you the feeling that you can ask the ANYTHING! At the beginning, you can say what kind of internship you would like to have and Stage-Austalia really tries their best to find the perfect match for you. They provide you with all the information and services you will need. You don’t have to figure anything out for yourself. Yes, it costs something, but it does save you a lot of time and energy! They are always there if you need them. Lees verder >

Carlo in Sydney

I am really happy with the service that I received from Stage-Australia.

Score 4/5

Internship Carlo

September 29, 2016: Everything is going well here in Australia,  I am busy and very happy with my placement. The area where I live is perfect. I am really happy with the service that I received from Stage-Australia before my departure.   I feel that Stage-Australia should take a look at parts of the welcome package and make some improvements for the future. Lees verder >

Fidan in Sydney

The service provided by Stage-Australia was amazing.

Score 4/5

Internship Fidan

September 26, 2016: I am very happy. The service provided by Stage-Australia was amazing. They found a suitable internship for me and as well a beautiful company. I feel that when Stage-Australia sends out the housing guide to students they could suggest a few housing options to go with it. That would be a helpful improvement. Lees verder >

Jiska in Sydney

Ik ben nu al vier maanden in Sydney. Ik heb ontzettend veel leuke mensen ontmoet. Sydney is een geweldige stad, en ik heb het heel erg naar mijn zin! 

Score 5/5

Interactive design stage in Sydney

April 26, 2016 - Dankzij Stage-Australia heb ik het bedrijf gevonden die mij past en bij mijn studie. Het bemiddelingsproces ging erg makkelijk, ik kreeg altijd een snel antwoord en waardevol advies. Gelijk aan het begin van mijn stage kreeg ik grote taken en hebben zij mij betrokken bij allemaal events. Ik wist aan het begin niet zo goed wat ik kon verwachten en was erg nerveus voor het Skype gesprek met het bedrijf. Maar mijn contactpersoon (Fleur) heeft me goed er door heen geholpen. Ik ben nu al vier maanden in Sydney. Ik heb ontzettend veel leuke mensen ontmoet. Sydney is een geweldige stad, en ik heb het heel erg naar mijn zin! Het bedrijf betaalt mij AUD 1200 per maand.   Lees verder >

Mike in Sydney

Ik verwachtte een uitdagende stage en daar voldoet deze stage precies aan!

Score 5/5

Marketing stage in Sydney

April 11, 2016- Mijn stage gaat erg goed, het is erg uitdagend en gecombineerd met een fijne werkomgeving. Ik ben erg tevreden met de taken die mij zijn toegewezen. In de eerste week moet je jezelf nog een beetje bewijzen. Maar uiteindelijk krijg je snel de taken die belangrijk zijn voor het bedrijf. Ik ben op dit moment bezig met taken op strategisch niveau. Complexe werkprocessen dien je zelfstandig aan te kunnen pakken bij dit accounting bedrijf in hartje Sydney.  De samenwerking tussen Stage-Australia, mijn stagebedrijf en mijzelf was erg goed. Veel complimenten aan Fleur. Zij heeft de stage gevonden waar ik naar opzoek was. Dank!       Lees verder >

Ruby in Sydney

Ik vond de samenwerking en communicatie heel goed verlopen!

Score 5/5

Graphic Design stage in Sydney

April 7, 2016 - Ik ben heel blij met alle hulp die ik heb gekregen van Stage-Australia. Leuke mensen en fijne communicatie. Ik doe een graphic design stage bij een grote tour operator in hartje Sydney. Op het begin deed ik veel werk voor het bedrijf, nu krijg ik ook de ruimte om aan mijn eigen schoolprojecten te werken. Eerst zou ik naar New York, America gaan, maar Australië blijkt uiteindelijk veel beter bij me te passen! Ik ben tevreden!     Lees verder >

Hasibe in Sydney

'Success is at the other side of fear' Thanks Stage- Australia!

Score 5/5

Marketing & Tourism traineeship in Sydney

Jan 15, 2016. Stage-Australia heeft ervoor gezorgd dat ik binnen 3 weken een traineeship kon volgen in het beste Hostel van Australië. Hoewel ik erg bang was voor ''beestjes'' en erg veel twijfelde over de reis afstand, heb ik mijn reisduur verlengt :) Prachtig land met lekker weer en veel leuke stranden. Ik kreeg een goede vergoeding, accommodatie en heb ook de hele reis langs de Oostkust cadeau gekregen van mijn bedrijf! Mijn traineeship heeft mij geholpen met het verbeteren van mijn Engels, veel nieuwe contacten over de hele wereld en geweldige ervaringen zoals Skydive en de oostkust trip.     Zie mijn Skydive:  Lees verder >

Tom in Sydney

Kortom een ervaring om nooit te vergeten! En ik raad het een ieder aan om stage te lopen in het buitenland.    

Score 5/5

Technische bedrijfskunde stage in Sydney

Jan 13, 2016 - Dankzij de stage die ik hier heb, heb ik een geweldige tijd in Australië tot nu toe. De combinatie van stage (je leert hierdoor écht de Australische cultuur en mensen kennen!) en backpacken is echt aan te raden! Lees verder >

Juliette in Sydney

Ik heb mijn draai helemaal gevonden! De mensen zijn erg aardig en open, je kan alles vragen wat je wil weten. De sfeer op kantoor is goed en ook buiten kantoor om is er contact.

Score 5/5

Event Management stage in Sydney

Jan 2 - 2016 Mijn stage bevalt erg goed, ik heb op het moment tot en met de 11e 'zomervakantie' voordat ik weer terug naar kantoor ga. De mensen zijn erg aardig en open, je kan alles vragen wat je wil weten. De sfeer op kantoor is goed en ook buiten kantoor om is er contact. Australië zelf vind ik fantastisch, vind het erg jammer dat ik niet kan blijven en mijn farm work kan doen voor het 2e visa, ivm mijn studie thuis. Ik heb mijn draai helemaal gevonden. Zelf ben ik geen groot fan van hostels maar ik heb de eerste 2,5 week in Nomads gezeten en raad dit wel aan. Ik heb hier veel mensen leren kennen die ik ook nog steeds spreek, het is de makkelijkste manier om mensen te ontmoeten, heel fijn als je helemaal alleen bent. Verder vind ik de "Dutchies in Syndey" "Nederlanders in Sydney" facebook groepen ook echt een aanrader van jullie, heel handig voor vragen en contacten. Wat voor mij handig was geweest is om eerder te beginnen met de stage (al tijdens de Nederlandse zomervakantie). Ik ben in de drukste weken van het jaar gestart waardoor de officiele training er een beetje bij in schoot en ik op mijn 3e werkdag al op een evenement stond. Achteraf de beste manier om het te leren, maar op het moment zelf best overweldigend.    Lees verder >

Mandy T in Perth

After my internship here I definitely want to stay in Australia until my WHV expires. I hope I will find a job in Melbourne or Sydney. A trip to Bali is also planned :)

Score 5/5

Mandy's Internship in Perth

December 1, 2015 - This is already my third week here and I just wanted to let you know that I really like it here. This past Saturday I moved into a room in a brand new house, which is really nice. I live there with the owner of the house and one other girl. Also the place where I stayed during my first two weeks was amazing. It was an Airbnb accommodation. Friday I went to a birthday party from a colleague. She was interning here as well. Unfortunately she leaves soon :(  Lees verder >

Arjan in Sydney

It has already been a month since we came back from Australia! It still feels unreal and like a dream and it has been really amazing! Thanks a lot for everything you did for us. It was a great experience that we will never forget. Organizing all this would have been a pain without you guys!

Score 5/5

Electrical Engineering

My internship was great! Australia is a beautiful country, and I’ve had some time to enjoy part of it! It is on my 'countries to go back to'-list now for sure! :) The company I completed my internship at was the first company suggested by Stage-Australia, and probably the best I could have had as a host company! The work I was involved in gave me the chance to practice the theory I learned in university. The final assessment of my internship was excellent! Well before I boarded the plane to Australia, everything – from visa to travel insurance – was organized for me by Stage-Australia. I’ve been guided well through the process. ‘You get what you pay for’ applies here as well! One thing I remember of our e-mail contact is the crazy fast response time! Often I got useful replies to my questions within 10 minutes!Keep up the good work!   Lees verder >

Valerie in Melbourne

I was pleasantly surprised with the speed of the process. Everything was arranged in less than 2 months by Stage-Australia while I had time to say goodbye to my family and friends instead of doing all the paperwork.

Score 4/5

Event Management

In the beginning it was a slow start since there weren’t many events going on but after a month the workload got better and could even get too busy at some times. Overall it was a very educational experience, I have worked at 24 events in the past 6 months, which was amazing to experience. Lees verder >

Niek in Brookvale

The internship is really great! I’m learning a lot of things about the business life whilst using my knowledge from school. Australia has so much to offer next to my internship at my host company that the total picture of being here is just another life. It’s definitely not what I expected in the first place but I absolutely love it. 

Score 5/5

Business Informatic

I’m working as a full-time employee and being treated as one. I manage clients on my own and that obviously means they give me a lot of responsibilities. I get a lot of tasks to do which keep me off working on my actual assignment, but with an planning around it I’m managing fine so far.  I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I departed to Australia to start my internship. So far the trip includes great people, a beautiful country and especially a educational internship at a great company. This is definitely an experience that has changed me along the way and will continue to do so. I’m keen to finish my assignment, but that sadly also means I will leave this awesome country. That's definitely not forever!  Lees verder >

Arthur in Brisbane

The proceedings during my internship are very varied!

Score 5/5

Tourism & Events

From the moment I stepped into the office, my colleagues were very nice and open. I immediately felt comfortable to work with them, even though I knew my English isn't nearly as good as theirs.     Lees verder >

Robin in Surfers Paradise

I am only here for 3 weeks now but so far it all went great. This place is fantastic! 

Score 5/5

Hotel Management

I am living in the hotel which is great and if I look out of my window I can see the sea. What else do I want? My first two weeks at work also went great. The colleagues are very nice and I do not have anything to complain about! I can tell you this, this place is much better than Holland!!! While it is probably raining back home, the weather here is good and the sun shines every day! Lees verder >

Olaf in New South Wales

My internship is going great, almost reaching the point of finishing my project so that’s quite exciting. It’s been an amazing experience so far to work here. Everyone is really friendly and relaxed. Too bad I have to go back home right after my internship, but I’m definitely coming back to see more of Australia, this country is simply amazing. 
Score 4/5

Communication & Multimedia Design

I don't think I would have been able to do this without the help of Stage-Australia, so I would absolutely recommend them to other people. I am satisfied with my tasks in general. I have one main project, so most of my tasks have to do with that project and they all fit well with my studies. I have learned a lot about working on a big project and all the tasks that come with it.  Lees verder >

Margot in Cairns

I already finished my 6-months traineeship but it went great. I got lots of responsibilities, which showed that the management was satisfied with my performance as well. 

Score 3/5

Tourism & Leisure Management Internship

In the first month of my traineeship I became intern of the month, which was a real boost. I liked my tasks and duties, but i feel it's just the overall experience that makes a traineeship in Australia so great!  Lees verder >

Ruud T in Byron Bay

In general, I am satisfied with my internship. I would tell people who are interested in this internship that it is a good experience and the best place I’ve stayed in so far, in terms of hard work combined with a fun environment. 

Score 4/5

Business Internship

I am a Business Administration student and I get to do all sorts of things like accounting, financing, marketing, administration, HR and general management tasks. A huge adventage is that we get a lot of good deals, for example on trips and free surflessons!  Lees verder >

Orhan V in Melbourne

I love it here! 

Score 5/5

Marketing & Sales internship

October 16th 2013 - How do you feel your internship is going in general?Really well! I love it here!Are you following the tasks stated in your trainingsplan?Yes.Is your internship living up your expectations? If not, why not?Yes it is. I get a lot of tasks and responsibilities. The working atmosphere is also great in this office!Is there anything that would improve your internship experience?Better wetter, but luckily that is on its way ;)  Lees verder >

Jacqueline in Sydney

Ik heb mijn betaalde stage goed kunnen regelen via Stage-Australia.

Score 4/5

Betaalde Stage Sydney

28 Oktober 2012- Hallo,Ik volg de opleiding Commerciële Economie en wilde in eerste instantie mijn stageadres via mijn school organiseren. Ik kwam er achter dat zij geen betaalde stages aanbieden naar het buitenland, dus heb ik deze gedachte uit mijn hoofd gezet en ben in Nederland op zoek gegaan naar een stage. Toen ik op school tijdens een stage-markt in gesprek kwam met iemand van Stage-Australia kwam ik tot de ontdekking dat zij wel betaalde stage-mogelijkheden voor mij hadden.  Lees verder >

Jessica in Gold Coast

I am happy with the service provided by Stage-Australia

Score 4/5

Hotel Management Internship

12th of March 2013- I simply fell in love with Australia after my internship at the East-coast in Australia. I got my internship via Stage-Australia, and my visa application went through them as well. I am satisfied with the services and products they offer and therefore I would recommend Stage-Australia to other students via this review. Lees verder >

Harold in Perth

Met hulp van Stage-Australia kon ik reizen en werken combineren!

Score 4/5

Australië in plaats van Nederland

19 April 2013- Ik had een afstudeerstage in Nederland gevonden, maar dit kon helaas niet doorgaan door het faillissement van het stage- bedrijf. Op dat moment zat een vriend van mij in Australië, en mede daardoor ben ik op stage gegaan naar Australië, in Perth om precies te zijn. Stage-Australia heeft mij van een stageplaats voorzien en ook mijn visum aangevraagd. Lees verder >

David in Sydney

My internship is everything I'd hoped for!

Score 4/5

Hostel Internship

19th of January 2013- Great experience, pro-active work place and amazing country. That's how I would describe my time in Australia. I'm working for one of the major Hostel chains in the back of the office. I'm currently placed in Sydney, the city itself is very outgoing, but also very expensive. Lees verder >

Karlien in Sydney

Score 5/5

1 Jaar Traineeship in Sydney

11 Januari 2013- Ik heb mijn opleiding communicatie in 2011 afgerond en ben eind 2011 naar Sydney gegaan. Ik heb een traineeship gevolgd op het gebied van marketing & PR. Het was lastig om een werkvisum te krijgen (occupational trainee visa), maar Stage-Australia heeft me hier heel goed bij geholpen. Lees verder >

Jan in Brisbane

Score 4/5

Stage in Brisbane

27 Maart 2013- Stage in Brisbane. Tijdens mijn 3e studiejaar heb ik als student Commerciele Economie een leuke uitdagende stage gevolgd bij een evenementen bedrijf. Ik hield mij voornamelijk bezig op het gebied van Sales en Marketing, maar heb daarnaast ook mijn ervaring op het gebied van Social Media kunnen uitbreiden Lees verder >

Emma in Melbourne

Stage-USA definitely helped me find the perfect fit!

Score 4/5

Great Experience

21st of February 2013- I learnt so much during my internship. I worked in a small company where I was given a high level of responsibility from the start - it was hard work but definitely worth it because I gained loads of experience and improved my skills Lees verder >

Anne in Brisbane

I've learnt a lot at my internship.

Score 4/5

Marketing Internship

7th of June 2013- I’m nearly at the end of my internship in Australia and I’ve learned a lot. Working in Australia gave me a new perspective on things I’d learnt during my studies and has really developed my skills. Lees verder >

Willem in Sydney

I am really enjoying life in Australia.

Score 5/5

Tourism in Sydney

2nd of November 2012- I have been at my internship a few months now, and it’s been such a great experience. Everyone is really friendly and welcoming, and I had no trouble adjusting to living in a new country. Lees verder >


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    October 19th 2018, I used the services provided by Stage-Australia only for the arrangement of my visa…

    Score 5/5
  • Internship Stefan

    September 28th, 2018 Quick response, nice service, good structured

    Score 5/5
  • Internship Romy

    September 26th, 2018 Stage-Australia immediately gave me a few company recommendations and arranged…

    Score 4/5
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